Cataract Detection Eye Chart

This user-friendly chart provides a simple, inexpensive way to determine when it is time to seek medical attention. It is appropriate for both medical professionals at outpatient clinics and regular individuals. Use it even at home! The instructions are very easy to follow. It is DIY (Do it yourself ).

By using this chart, you can save time, money and your eyesight through the early detection of your eye problem. It can minimize frequent or unecessary visits to the opthalmologist.

This chart is ideal for screening for any type of blurry vision disorder including cataracts. It is designed to determine the maturity/severity of the cataract . There is a progreShopping Basketssively decreasing distance between the lines of the figures in each row. The number of lines vary from row to row and figure to figure. If the user is unable to discern the number of lines in the figures until the bottom row, it indicates a need to seek medical attention (i.e., from an opthalmologist).

This chart is wall mountable.

The eye charts are shipped in sturdy, tube cardboard containers.Generally, up to 6 charts can be shipped in a single container.

Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to be processed and shipped.